New photo collab #photobypontusjonsen

I recently started a new photo collaboration with the very talented @PontusJonsen. I’ve noticed recently it’s much more fun posting really good pictures than only good pictures =) .

Pontus, 19, from Helsingborg, started his photo journey during high school, taking photos at night clubs for fun. His interest and knowledge for photo grew rapidly and he now runs his own company, focusing 100% on photography, the thing he likes the most. Pontus motto is “I only take and post pictures of what I would like to see myself, because if I don’t like the picture, why would anybody else?”.

You can follow Pontus on instagram @pontusjonsen and also by searching #photobypontusjonsen and also see plenty of pictures on my instagram @AleksJJ 

As you all know by now, I really like shoes! Here are some of the recent pictures we have taken on the streets of Malmö =)

Plenty more to come! Enjoy!

Edward Green – Ecton
Carmina Grain Jumperboots
21012016-IMG_3537-Redigera (1)
Vass Austerity High Boot – Gold Museum
Vass Austerity High Boot – Gold Museum
19012016-IMG_3451 (1)
Vass Full Brogue Wintip

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