Bespoke from Vass Shoes in Budapest

Bespoke from Vass Shoes: Although I have bought several pairs of quality shoes the last 1-2 years, the fit hasn’t always been the best. When you have long, narrow feet, with low instep like me, getting a good fit in the RTW (Ready to Wear) market is almost impossible. That’s why I recently decided to try some shoes more adapted to my feet.

There are different brands and manufacturers, offering different types of bespoke / semi bespoke shoes in a wide price range on the market. Most of them cost more then 10 ooo SEK and that feels a bit over the top in my honest opinion. I was in Budapest last summer, and got more familiar with Vass Shoes / Vass Cipő, a brand which I have started to like more and more and which is probably the best “Value-For-Money” shoe you can get on the market. All Vass shoes are fully hand-made. I managed to pick up MTO that summer; a pair of Austerity Brogue Oxford High Boot in their fantastic Gold Museum Calf, and this pair is most definitely my absolute favorite in my collection.

But that’s not what I’m going to write about now. During the trunk show in Stockholm this autumn, Vass was their together with other shoe manufacturers for the annual Shoegazing Sper Trunk. I wasn’t sure which shoes to buy at that moment but I took the opportunity to get my feet measured by Rezsö from Vass. This enabled me to order the shoes at a later time.

Disclaimer: the post is in collaboration with Vass Shoes who kindly offered a discounted price.
I e-mailed Reszö some weeks after the trunk show and we agreed on the make up of the model for me. The specifications were as follows:

Model: Full Brogue Wingtip
Color: 6319 cognac
Last: Modified F last (according to measurements)
Sole: Dainite rubber sole
Shoes trees: Standard lasted

I also order a travel shoe care kit in Vass’ Gold Museum. I saw it during the trunk show and knew right away that it was something I really needed to have. For someone that travels as much as I have done the past 2 years, this must, by far, be my best kommission so far. A must for everyone that travels in their work and still wants to keep their shoes shining.

And the result:

The fit is probably the best of all shoes I have at the moment. I will probably do some slight modifications to the last in my next order, but there will definitely be more orders =)

The make up was exactly as I wanted. A less formal shoe that goes perfectly with both jeans, chinos and other less formal wear. I added some flat laces to get an extra flavor to the shoes. I’ve probably changed all my laces to flat ones by now, it adds an extra dimension in my opinion =)

And the rubber sole will do perfectly in the Swedish rainy autumn / winter.

Bespoke from Vass Shoes

Bespoke from Vass Shoes

Bespoke from Vass Shoes

Bespoke from Vass Shoes

Bespoke from Vass Shoes

Vass Full Brogue 8

Vass Full Brogue 7

Bespoke from Vass Shoes

And the travel shoe kit:

Vass travel shoe care kit 1

Vass travel shoe care kit 2

Vass travel shoe care kit 3

9 comments on “Bespoke from Vass Shoes in Budapest

  1. fantastic pics and great review of Vass!

  2. Great review and beautilful shoes! For their bespoke service, do they offer trial shoes for a first fitting, or send you the final products directly?

    • Hi Jack

      It’s more a semi-bespoke service. They use their current last and modify them so no test shoes. You get the shoes directly.

      However I think they prefer that you pick them up so they can see and feel how they fit you.

      • Thanks for your reply, Aleks! I’ll be visiting their store soon to order my first bespoke (or semi-bespoke) shoes – have had a hard time finding well-fitting RTW shoes for my duck feet. But I won’t be staying long enough to try on the final product in their store, hope that’s gonna be fine! 🙂

  3. Hey Alex. The shoes are definitely a beauty. And the travel kit too. If u don’t mind me asking, how much and how long did it take frm the email to u receiving the shoes by mail? Thanks

    • Hi Fred, and thank you for your comments.
      Normally it takes some e-mail back and forward until you get the details of your order right. SOmetimes you may have questions on different options etc. Here Rezsö is normally very fast on answering. But from placing your order until you have the shoe in your hands/on your feet takes aprox 8weeks. I think that is the standard delivery time. so you could add a couple of days for the orderprocess depending on how much questions you have on your order details.

  4. Price wise for this exact one sir?

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