How to choose your next pair of glasses – A visit to Brillor Å Sånt in Malmö Part I

I’ve worn glasses since I was 6 or 7 years I think and my choice of glasses during those years hasn’t always been the best. I must admit, wearing glasses in that age isn’t fun. It has its limitations when it comes to flexibility, sport and more, later in life as well. However the last couple of years I’ve actually learnt to enjoy my glasses. Today I see them more as an accessory than a “tool” as I did before. If you have a nice suit, nice shoes, a nice wrist watch, why not add a pair or really nice glasses to complete the look =).

My current glasses have served me very well for about 4 years now and I decided that it’s time to get a new pair of frames, not only because it’s probably time to change the strength in my glasses but also to try something new.

I scheduled an appointment with Kristina over at Brillor Å Sånt, where I recently attended a trunk show for Moscot (read more about that here). I also prepared some questions for Kristina to get some good pointers on what to think about when ordering your next pair of glasses!

All photos by Linda Norden


About Brillor Å Sånt
Brillor Å Sånt is located at Gustav Adolfs Torg, in the heart of Malmö. Kristina is the store owner and works together with Oscar and Sara. In the store you find high end glasses from manufacturers that are specialized on glasses only e.g. Moscot, Barton Perreira, Suzy Glam and more.

Brillor Å Sånt take responsibility for the end product and therefore have their own workshop for making the optical adjustments to the glasses. They also use very unique equipment when performing they eye exams which I found very fascinating! Usually the finished glasses are delivered within a couple of days after the examination.


What to think about when ordering your next pair of glasses:
I took the opportunity to ask Kristina some questions during my appointment to get her thoughts on what’s important when choosing glasses. Here is a short summary of what we discussed:

1. The fit is essential
The most important thing is probably the fit. The glasses should land nicely on the nose, frame your eye brows, and the width should match your face. It’s important that the glasses don’t sit too high or too low on your nose. If you have problems with big/small nose choose frames with adjustable “nose – pads”. The length is also very important that it can be adjusted to prevent the frames from sliding off.

2. Match your personal style
Your glasses are a reflection of your personal style should enhance your personality. Go a bit out of your comfort zone and try something different. It doesn’t need to be much but don’t take the same model as last time.

When choosing color a good rule is to go for black or sharp color if you have a “cold” skin tone and choose earth tones and pastels if you have a warm skin tone. But this is of course only a guideline and not law!

When it comes to the shape it is more liberal according to Kristina. Here you can be more dynamic and really show personality. Go for small or oversized; they don’t need to be “centered” as was the customary before.

3. Choose good materials
Kristina recommends two different materials when it comes to frames: Titan if you want metal or good quality Acetate if you want plastic. Titan I light weight, durable and nickel free. The best acetate glasses are made in fabrics in Japan.

When choosing glass with high refraction index, this enables thin glass in your frames. Also use good coating such as Anti-Reflective Coating and also hard coating to prevent the glass from scratching.

4. Have more than 1 pair
I asked Kristina how many pair of glasses one should own, someone that like me wears glasses 5-7 days a week. She recommended at least 2 pairs of glasses, slightly or totally different and at least 1 pair of sunglasses (with or without correction for your vision depending on if you have contact lenses or not). The reason why you should have 2 pairs is pretty straight forward. If you loose one pair och they break, it’s always good to have an extra pair. It’s also nice to be able alternate depending on look, occasion etc.


My order:
As i mentioned, the reason for my appointment was to order a pair glasses myself. In the next part I will guide you to the process and also show the choice I made. A big thanks to Kristina for taking time to answer all of my questions and also helping me choose a great pair of glasses!

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