Shirtonomy – Made to Measure Shirts Part I

Finding RTW shirts that fit well is easy for some, but for me it’s more or less impossible. As I wear ties very often I want the possibility to close the top button on my shirt and have a good fit in the body. This has shown to be impossible as my measurements, quite simply, don’t work with RTW shirts. I’ve tried some different MTM shirts previously that have worked well for me, but I decided to try a new brand that I’ve seen very much lately on both Instagram and other menswear sites. Many of you have probably already heard or read of Shirtonomy, a Stockholm based company focusing on MTM with good quality fabrics, in an affordable price range.


About Shirtonomy
As I mentioned Shirtonomy is a Stockholm based company that produces their shirts in a factory in north Portugal. They use quality fabrics from e.g. Albini (from north Italy) and Acorn (from UK). At Shirtonomy you can get a MTM shirt in a price range from 800-900 SEK. Their concept is primarily based on e-commerce but Shirtonomy also has a showroom since aug 2015 at Norrlandsgatan in Stockholm. Customers can visit to look at fabrics and get help with their measurements.

When ordering you can chose from several different fabrics, collars, cuffs, buttons, back seem and more. Shirtonomy is currently working on their “exclusive line”. The launch date is not yet set but this line will include features such as:

  • Hand sewn details in the shoulders
  • Pearl buttons as standard
  • More exclusive fabrics
  • hand embroidered monogram
  • and more

My visit to the Showroom
I was in Stockholm not long ago and took the opportunity to visit the showroom to meet the people behind Shirtonomy and also to take my measurements. I met Tobias Skogquist, Creative Director and had a long nice chat and to hear more about their story.

After a long chat and some coffee we started the process by creating an online profile containing all my contact details and also opportunity to create different “size profiles”.


When taking measurements in the showroom, you take base in finished shirts in different standard sizes to get the measurements you need. When doing this I really noticed why I have difficulties finding RTW shirts. My approx. measurements where size 42,5 collar, 40 waist and 39 in the ship area. Good luck finding a RTW shirt in that size =)

The next and “final” step is the actual design of the shirt. I had a very good idea of what I was looking for and got lots of help from Tobias when it came to some of the choices and options. My order consists of one business shirt, one popover shirt and one tuxedo shirt.

Shirtonomy Shirtonomy Shirtonomy 20160511-IMG_5079

The production time is approx. 4-5 weeks. Really look forward to see the final result and the fit of the shirts I ordered. Stay tuned for the result and a review of how the shirts turned out.

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