Pelote Personal Tailoring in Malmö – MTM Suit Part I

Recently I decided that it was time to upgrade my spring/summer suit wardrobe. Some of the RTW suits and jackets that I’ve bought previously do not fit my body type very well and I have managed to phase out most of them. I’m working on building up a better fitting and more long lasting wardrobe. Some years ago I bought a couple of MTM shirts from Pelote Personal Tailoring, a small store located in Malmö. I decided that it was time to visit them again, but this time to make a suit! I took my camera, note book and jumped on my bike to go over there.

About Pelote:
Pelote was founded in 1999 by Daniel Eriksson. The store is located at Västergatan 12b in the heart of Malmö. The company specializes in made to measure shirts, jackets and suits. An interesting anecdote is that the name Pelote comes from the world’s fastest ball sport, basque pelota. The ball that’s been used in the game is handmade and the equipment the players use are made to fit the players individually. Orders are measured in store by Daniel or Gustav, two very nice gentlemen.

Pelote Basque – Pic from Alix de Chatelperron

How to order:
Ordering a suit from Pelote can be done either by drop in or appointment. To get the best possible service the latter is of course to recommend. The process is quite straight forward and includes the basics steps:

  1. Chose which fabric you would like for your suit (in my case jacket and trousers). Pelote offers a wider range of different fabrics. E.g. Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piano and Holland & Sherry. They also offer a selection of fabrics under their own private label.
  2. Chose the details for the jacket. Here is a great possibility to be creative. I tend to be a bit “boring” in this area, but the less “crazy” you go the longer you hopefully can wear the garments without them going out of fashion. Pelote offers a wide selection of different lapels sizes and forms; horn, corozo and mother of pearl buttons, monogram, pockets, color lining and more.
  3. Chose the construction for the jacket. Pelote offers three different types of constructions for their jackets, the semi, half and full canvas. I won’t go into the details of the different construction types but it good to have an idea of what you prefer. “More canvas, more money”. The full canvassed construction costs 2000 SEK more than the basic semi canvas.
  4. Chose type of trousers. Here you can chose pleats, side adjusters, cuffs, coin pockets, placement of the front button and more.
  5. Finally the measuring! Here you can go through the fit you wish, classic, contemporary, high/low waist etc. Pelote uses finished jackets/trousers as templates and make adjustment from those measurements to fit you.

The starting price for a suit is 5495 SEK with basic construction and their “simplest” fabrics. Their delivery time is approx 4 weeks.

Pelote Pelote Pelote

Some pictures from my fitting/measuring with Gustav.

20160506-IMG_4824 20160506-IMG_4825 20160506-IMG_4828

Parts of the wide range of fabrics that Pelote offers.

My order:
After reviewing my suits at home I decided to order separate trousers and jacket, instead of making a traditional suit. The reason is that I have a pretty good 4 season suit collection and wanted to build up a pair of basic pants and jacket that can be used together but also split up and be combined with other parts of my wardrobe.

I was looking for a classic fitting suit (jacket/pant combo) that is most suitable for spring/summer but can be used for nice autumn days as well. After going through the fabrics together with Gustav for quite some time I decided on a blue jacket / grey trousers combination (so much for thinking outside the box rights?)

The jacket will be made in a lighter blue fabric with a subtle herringbone pattern from Pelote’s own private label “Superior Collection” and the trousers in a mid-grey super 110s fabric.


The fabrics I chose for my jacket and trousers

More info on the details of the trousers/jacket once they have arrived! Really looking forward to the result. Stay tuned!

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