Pelote Personal Tailoring in Malmö – MTM Suit Part II

Recently you could read about my visit at Pelote Personal Tailoring in Malmö. The suit I made is finally ready and I would like to show you the result and also write a short review of my experience and the result. If you have missed the first part you can read it here:

As I mentioned in the first part, instead of making a full suit, I ordered separate jacket and trousers. The reason being that I have a pretty good 4 season suit collection and wanted to build up a pair of basic pants and jacket that can be used together but also split up and be combined with other parts of my wardrobe. Also a big thank you to Dennis Bärlund, from Dennis Bärlund Photography for all the great photos!

Disclaimer: The suit reviewed in this post was recieved from Pelote for review purpose.

My order:
I decided on a blue jacket / grey trousers combination for spring / summer. Here are some of the specifications in my order:

The jacket:
The jacket is made in a lighter blue fabric with a subtle herringbone pattern from Pelote’s own private label “Superior Collection”. It consists of 73% super 110s wool and 23% linen with a weight of 255g/m that is considered an “all-round weight”. I considered the construction for a long while but decided on a half canvas construction with light shoulder padding for a lighter feeling.

The model is a 2-button jacket, classic slightly wider notch-lapels, kissing buttons, patch pockets and with lighter horn buttons, mid-brown lining and some other details such as monogram, contrasted buttonholes, AMF stitching and more.

Pelote Personal Tailoring

Pelote Personal Tailoring

The Trousers:
The trousers are made in a mid-grey; soft shark skin; super 110s wool fabric, with a weight of 295g/m. The slightly heavier material gives the trousers a nice drape and feel, great with the light blue jacket and also perfect all year round.

High waist, extended the button position in the waist, slanted pockets, side adjusters, slightly deeper single pleats, 5cm cuffs, AMF stitching and monogram were some of the other choices I made.

Pelote Personal Tailoring

Review of the result:
The jacket and trousers where finished within 4 weeks as Pelote Personal Tailoring promised initially, the trousers some days before but I chose to wait to see the whole result at once. Time for adjustments is up to 1 week depending on the availability of their tailor.

The fit of the jacket was spot on, no adjustment were needed on the initial order. I really like the length that makes my upper body look somewhat longer, which is good and also is well balanced with the wider trousers. I was a bit worried when Gustav wanted to add some extra length to the test jacket, but now I’m glad he did it.

When it comes to the design choices, I’m also really satisfied. It turned out almost as I imagined it, if not better. Note to self: Reviewing the choices I made, if I would have done the jacket again I would have made the lapels slightly wider. Otherwise I feel that we achieved the summer look I was hoping for.

We made some slight adjustments to the trousers. They turned out a bit longer then we calculated, but that is a very easy thing to fix and we shortened them approx. 1-1,5cm. We also made some smaller adjustment to the hip/back are to bring out the pleats a bit more.

Note to self: If I would have done the trousers again maybe I also should have considered making the trouser a bit wider and maybe considered trying double pleats. But that’s for me to remember for my next pair. The make-up I did with single pleats feels more “sustainable” in the long run =)

All in all I’m very pleased and satisfied with the result and most of all the service from the personnel at Pelote. Gustav’s knowledge and tips along the process was very appreciated. With a total delivery time of approx. 4,5 weeks (inc. time for changes), a great fit and lots of options to choose from, I must say that the value for money is really good for Pelote’s MTM service. I will definitely be back for more suits here at Pelote.

Pelote Personal Tailoring

Pelote Personal Tailoring

News from Pelote Personal Tailoring:
New store: Pelote Personal Tailoring is opening their second store that will be located in Gothenburg at Drottninggatan 26. The customers that have been in the store in Malmö will recognize themselves in the new store, but the new store will also have its own “character”. What that means we will have to see once it’s open =) Opening date will be in approximately 2-3 weeks. The store in Gothenburg will also have a wide range of shirt-, jacket- and suit fabrics from the leading manufacturers (Holland & Sherry, Thomas Mason, Scabal, Loro Piana & Barberis) and also their own fabrics that come in 2 categories (Classique and Supérieur).

New “Graphical Profile”: Pelote is also working on a new “Graphical Profile” or “Brand Identity” that will be launched in Gothenburg first. The new profile is meant to represent and emphasize the craftsmanship in what Pelote does. I’m looking forward to see the result of this.

New fabrics: Pelote has received a new wide range of Fresco or “High Twist” fabrics. What characterizes the high twist fabrics is that they are much more resistant to creases. This is more apparent during summer when heat and moist sets higher demand on the fabrics. The weave is thinner and more breathable than traditional suit fabrics. Some of their new Fresco fabrics:

  • Scabal’s Tristar collection with fabrics of 300g
  • Vitale Barberis Canonico 220g-250g 110’s with glen check, gingham, plains, pinstripe and more.
  • Pelote Classique light classic fabrics 110’s 240g and 120’s 230g and Pelote Supérieur in 220-270g 110’s in different patterns
  • Fox Brothers, checked super light 180g high twist which is very exclusive and has a starting price of 9495kr for a jacket.

Maybe my next suit should be in a fresco fabric? Well worth considering! =)

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