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Last year during the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show, Oppermann London was one of the companies that was represented. I had followed them on Instagram for quite some time and really liked the look of all their products. One of their wallets especially caught my eye: “The Oppermann Swanfield Cognac Wallet”, which I decided to order during the trunk show. Now almost one year later after plenty of use, I decided for a review to give you some of my thoughts. Make sure to read about this year’s Super Trunk Show, that will be arranged in Stockholm later this fall: Shoegazing Super Trunk Show 2016

The wallet I bought last year and that will be in this review is:
Model: Oppermann Swanfield Cognac
Price: £65.00
Personalisation: £15.00 (optional)
Shipping: UK & Europe Free Shipping & Free Returns, Rest of world £9
Disclaimer: The wallet reviewed in this post was bought at full price during trunk show.
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Oppermann Swanfield Cognac-11
The Oppermann Swanfield wallet is 7.5cm (3 inches) wide when folded and 10.5cm (4.1 inches) high.
Oppermann Swanfield Cognac-14
Three credit card slots on the left and a wider slot on the right
Oppermann Swanfield Cognac-12
An additional external pocket on the back

The Oppermann Swanfield wallet is made of vegetable-tanned Italian Vachetta leather from the tannery Artigiano del Cuoio. The characteristics of this leather is a smooth surface and natural finish. I’ve used this wallet everyday for almost a year now and it has evolved a great patina. The cognac color has aged really nice and there are no signs of the wallet coming loose in the edges or other parts that flex.

The wallet has three credit card slots on the left and a wider slot on the right. Both sides also have one compartment behind the front slots. An additional external pocket on the back can be used for your most frequently used card. The wallet is 7.5cm (3 inches) wide when folded and 10.5cm (4.1 inches) high.

You can easily fit all your importans cards and credit cards in this wallet including some business card, receipts and maybe some cash without making it bulky. You can easily access your most used card in the external pocket on the back which is very useful. (Unfortunately 9 out of 10 stores in Sweden do not accept Diners, so maybe I should consider replacing this card in the external pocket?).

I usually hold my wallet in my inner suit pocket and I barely feel it there. I’ve tried traditional card holders and also wallets but i think this hybrid has the perfect size to fit the essentials. Traditional card holders are of course slimmer but usually only fit 4 cards and the bank notes and receipts are quite hard to squeeze in. Traditional wallets tend to be quite bulky and oversized and also have to much focus on cash, which I rarely have with me nowadays.

Oppermann Swanfield Cognac-3-2
The only remark is the distance between card 1 and 2.

The one and probably the only downside or remark that I have is that when using the three credit card slots on the left side, the two upper cards end upp in the same level. This makes it slightly harder to take them out, while the the third slot ends up further down and i very easy to take out. Maybe this has been modified since I bought my wallet, or maybe it’s only a slight manufacturing oversight on my ex.

Apart from this minor thing, the wallet i really great. The size, clean design and the leather quality is very well balanced and gives a very good feeling and overall impression. I’ve tried wallets in both lower and higher price ranges and must say that I haven’t tried any wallet that gives more value for money than this one. If I would have ordered a new one I would probably have considered personalizing it =)


Oppermann is founded and owned by the two brothers Mattias and Niklas Oppermann. Two Swedish gentlemen with German heritage, living in London where you also can find Oppermann Headquarters. The brand and products are inspired by Swedish minimalism and London style. Oppermann works together with several partners when producing their products.  Here are some of them (info from Oppermann’s homepage):

    Tumbled leather with natural grain – used in the soft leather bags
    Metal push buttons made from German steel.
    Polished, smooth zippers
    Smooth vegetable tanned leather used in all structured bags and as trims in the soft collection.
    The construction of the product.

Oppermann Swanfield Cognac-36



5 comments on “Review: Oppermann Swanfield Cognac Wallet

  1. I have the same kind of wallet but it’s slightly younger, I bought it half a year ago or so. If it has been adjusted or if you just got unlucky I don’t know but my three cards have the exact same space between them. I would definitely say this wallet is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

    • Yeah maybe I got unlucky. I’ll have to ask impermanent.

      But still very happy with it. Fits all the necessary cards 🙂

  2. I love the design! I looked into this for so long now, but for me its important to keep cash in my wallet at all times. How many notes do you think I can hold without it getting bulky? Please let me know if you can, fantastic review!

    • Hi Warren and thanks for your comment.
      Hmm it’s quite hard to say, I wouldn’t say that it’s the best wallet for cash but of course you can fit easily.
      I would say that folding once maybe works for smaller notes, but not for the larger ones.

      I mainly use it for cars and smaller notes, reciepts etc. but of course the more you put in the more bulky it becomes.

      Hope that wasn’t a too vague answer =)

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Also is there room to put cash comfortably without folding it or squeezing it into the wallet?

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