Summer office attire at white collar workplaces

Those warm days of summer can for many make a business suit feel as comfortable as a suit of armor. Fortunately, you can make a professional statement and still beat the heat with some easy tips. Here is a short guide to pull off a summer office attire at white collar workplaces.

According to an article on the employment website; even some of the most formal workplaces have introduced “casual Friday” policy all summer long for their summer office attire. The dress code casual Friday or business casual is often hard to interpret, especially then it comes to summer office attire. In my opinion some people tend to put way to much emphasize on the word “casual” instead of emphasizing the word that is actually important, that is “business”.  In the same article you can read a quote by Sherry Maysonave, author of Casual Power: “Casual could be jeans, sneakers, T-shirts and shorts, whereas business casual is a relaxed version of business dress. It’s how you might dress to go out to a nice dinner on the weekend, not how you would go to the grocery store.” I think this is a very good way of interpreting business casual.

What can I wear?
Business casual may include chinos/cotton trousers; relaxed button-down shirts; linen, polo or knitted shirts, and loafers depending on the workplace and context.  I prefer lighter colors during this season; it makes you stay cooler and at the same time looks really nice.

If I still want to dress formal and keep my cool?
There are several ways to stay formal and cool at the same time. Probably the best way is to invest in a Fresco, or “high-twist” fabrics suits, preferably in a lighter shade of gray. These type of fabrics are very lightweight, breathable and also very resistant to creases and probably the best and most formal summer business attire you can wear.

A slightly less formal suit would be one in cotton or linen or a blend of both. Both these fabrics can be very cool in the summer heat but they both tend to crease quite a lot.

Some things to avoid at the office:
While every workplace has its own rules, there are a few fashion statements that everybody should avoid in any workplace: Shorts, Sleeveless shirts., Flip-flops, T-shirts, especially with logos just to mention a few garments.  Acceptable forms of summer business-casual attire may vary in different industries and offices, but it’s important to remember, no matter how hot it gets — don’t push it. Dress the part!

Below are som pictures / outfits you have seen on the website before that could work for those warm summer days.

Light grey suit in high twist fabric, for the more formal occasions. Cool yet formal. Photo: Pontus Jonsén
Light grey suit in high twist fabric, for the more formal occasions. Cool yet formal. Photo: Pontus Jonsén
Frank Clegg Tote
Linen jacket, cotton trousers and a popover shirt – no tie! Photo: Pontus Jonsén
Linen jacket, cotton trousers, linen shirt and shoes all in light summer colors. Put on a tie and you’re good to go for any occasion. Photo: Pontus Jonsén
Wool / linen blend jacket and cotton trousers. Let’s you stay cool yet suitable for the office.
Brethable double breasted jacket and cotton chinos. Casual yet business. Photo: Pontus Jonsén
AleksJJ & Suit Up Weird
Probably the most casual outfit in the bunch. Linen jacket, riviera polo and cotton chinos. FInished with a pair of dressed sneakers. Photo: Sebastian Persson

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