Heschung, the shoes à la française, now in Scandinavia

The French shoe brand Heschung has been expanding to several markets lately and has recently also reached Scandinavian ground. Heschung is a family owned company focused on designing smart and contemporary footwear for men and women since 1934. France is known by many to be one of the leading countries when talking classic quality shoes, which makes it even more interesting that Heschung now can be found in several stores around Scandinavia.

I had the opportunity to exchange some word with Heschung’s Nordic representative Sarah Lafitte Levine to hear more about the brand and also about their expansion in Scandinavia.

How would you describe Heschung and what makes it unique?
“Heschung is aimed to design shoes to be enhanced by the men and the women who have an active lifestyle that combines the urban and countryside lifestyle. In today´s world, people have a tendency to accumulate in one day what they use to achieve in a week. Heschung aims to be the perfect companion that sublime the traditional craftsmanship for today´s everyday use. I believe Heschung has a lot to offer and open a new market in the shoe industry in Scandinavia thanks to its design and purpose. Heschung is often seen as an ideal travel companion due to its light weight, comfort and multiple use. “

Can you tell us a bit more about the story of Heschung?
Born in the woodlands of Northern Alsace, Heschung is a family owned shoe manufacturer since 1934. The brand’s know-how has been perfected through generations of craftsmanship. The unique history of Heschung exclusive footwear started with manufacturing heavy-duty work boots and then, Olympics ski boots. Today, Heschung perpetuates the reverse welted stitching expertise to provide a resistant and refine pair of shoes. The design improves daily life experience with an exclusive mix of tradition with a contemporary vision.

If you would choose one model to highlight from Heschung’s product range which model would that be?
“The Ginkgo is what Heschung has been known for many years, as perfect f/w boot that combines elegance in urban/countryside environment. The Ginkgo is a playful and hybrid shoe where you can easily combine with a regular casual outfit as much as breaking the codes with a more formal outfit.  

The Ginkgo is a split toe boot, welted stitches and double material combo (anilcalf leather with Kvadrat canvas). The Ginkgo can also be found in a bi-material Suportflo leaher and suede version, reverse-welted and mounted on a rubber sole. The Suportflo leather is a double tanned leather usually used for military purposes. Thanks to its fatty leather, the Suportflo leather is water resistant and easy to maintain. In my opinion this model is one of the most beautiful but also a bit rougher than a Ginkgo in Anilcalf but again such a good winter companion.” (see the other models in Heschung Brand Book further down on this page).

What is the next step and where will you be able to find Heschung in Scandinavia?
Heschung is implementing its shoe line in several shoe stores and exclusive shops across Sweden and Norway, currently 11 point of sales this f/w. You will find Heschung in:

Shoe Stores:

  • Skomaker Dagestad,
  • Södermalm Sko,
  • Skomaker Henry,
  • Hojs skomaker, and
  • Rolf Hansson

Menswear Stores: 

  • Gabucci,
  • Donna,
  • Hans Allde,
  • Spiga3,
  • Engelska Herr, and
  • Care of Carl
Heschung & Frank Clegg Trunkshow
Heschung & Frank Clegg Trunk Show Tour

Heschung has also teamed up with another family owned brand; Frank Clegg, and will be having trunk shows to introduce essential leather goods during September in 3 Scandinavian cities (see invite to facebook event here):

Oslo at Skomaker Dagestad – September 8th
Stockholm at Gabucci – September 14th
Malmö at Engelska Herr – September 17th

The “Ginkgo” really caught my attention and I decided to order a pair of Cognac in Heschung’s signature Suportflo leather. I’m somehow already looking forward to autumn/winter to start giving my new Ginkgos some wear and see how they will stand against the Swedish autumn and winter =). A review of these boots will be posted later this autumn. Stay tuned for that.

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in more info, read more in the Heschung Brand Book or write a comment in the comment field below or contact Sarah directly.

Heschung Ginkgo in Suportflo Cognac

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  1. i dont have this color – thinking about it… but i do own 27 pair of heschung. excellent shoes.

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