Review: R. Culturi Pocket Square & Necktie

Artwork by Illustrators, Painters, and Artists from Around the World, that’s what the ties, pocket squares and scarves from R. Culturi illustrate. Their goal is to collaborate with individuals from a broad a range of countries to provide a diverse view of art and creativity from around the world. They work with artist that are classically trained painters, illustrators, or digital artists.

Disclaimer: The accessories reviewed in this post were recieved from R Culturi for review purpose. 

The products are made in Italy, in the Como region to be precise. Fabrics are specifically chosen to work as good as possible with each of their designs. According to R. Culturi, a warm, soft color palette may call for a gentle modal/silk mix whereas a brighter spectrum often works better with a classic 100% silk twill material.

To see their full range of accessories visit their website: R. Culturi pocket squares and neckties

For my review I selected/recieved 1 tie and 1 pocket square from this seasons collection:

R. Culturi

Tie – Barroco Mandala – Slate/Pale Violet
“This piece is inspired by the Baroque era of classical music. A continuous, uniform key is complemented by various musical ornamentations, adding a sense of drama, exuberance, and grandeur. Yet, no matter how embellished, Baroque music and art always remains grounded by structure, thus able to maintain an undeniable elegance and poise.” Artwork by Ana Moreira, São João da Madeira, Portugal

The tie features a pattern developed from original, hand-drawn artwork created exclusively for the R. Culturi collection. It’s made up on a ‘gum-twill’ silk, in a three-fold, self-tipped construction. The size is 8.5 x 150 cm and is made with a custom-cut, 100% wool lining that is slightly thicker at the neck to create a fuller knot and more pronounced dimple. This tie retails at $135.

Pocket Square – Tides
“The flow from which life came. The fantastic process of a start and an end. This piece was created to point out the fact that an ending is just as beautiful as a beginning. The tides that have brought us ashore will be the same tides that will wash us away.” Artwork by Daniel Tinagan, Iloilo City, Philippines

R. Culturi

The pocket square features a hand-drawn pencil artwork created exclusively for the R. Culturi collection. It’s made up on a soft 60% wool / 40% silk fabric. The size is 36 x 36 cm and is made using a medium-weight wool/silk mix. The pocket square features hand-rolled and hand-stitched edges. This pocket square retails at $85.

Tie: The tie features a width of 8,5cm which is a perfect balance in my opinion, not too wide and not too narrow. What I like as well is that the tie has a good shape around the knot area. Together with the lining giving a nice long knot and nice dimple with a four-in-hand which I use 99 times out of 100.

Pocket Square: The size of the pocket square is 36/36 which also here is a middle way between the standard 30/30 and 42/42. Some may argue that it’s to large and others that they are so small. But given the fabric I think it folds nicely in the chest pocket becoming less bulky than some of the large tend to do and doesn’t disappear in the pocket like the small ones do. A nice compromise in size in my opinion.

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