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Blugiallo is a made-to-measure (MTM) service operating from Borås in Sweden and run by the 2 young gentlemen Alexander Moström and Daniel Apler. The name Blugiallo derives from Italy and commonly refers to the colors of ones “home team” in football, in this case yellow and blue like the Swedish flag.

Disclaimer: The post is in collaboration with Blugiallo.


I had the chance to meet Alexander and Daniel during one of their events in Lund, near my home city, to hear more about their company and also to order a new business suit. More pictures on the result later on in this post.

Blugiallo profiles its service like the “21st century made to measure”. The idea is to simplify and also to digitalize the whole MTM experience e.g.

  • by offering you own online profile where you can order new garments and make alterations to your existing profiles.
  • simplifying the process of buying a MTM garments by offering “virtual” staff in their online store where you can get support and advice directly.
  • And offering “packaged” products, hence saving you the time and headache of making all the choices/ taking all the decisions that you sometimes need to do when ordering MTM

…amongst other things.

Join an open event, by using ‘Blugiallo Corporate service’, schedule a private meeting with you and your colleagues or register to one of the scheduled Blugiallo events that are updated continuously. Blugiallo offers consultations, where you have your measurements taken as well as help with creating your first order. The order is delivered within 4-6 weeks along with the online service details. (book event here)

Once you’ve attended a first event – you will get your online details. The Blugiallo team gathers all the data needed to set you up with your own online made-to-measure profile. Here you will be able to make future orders without having to attend other events or going to a store.

As I mentioned previously Blugiallo has “bundled” their products in different categories to make it easier for the customers to find their own preferred category. At the moment they offer suits, tuxedos, jackets, trousers, coats and different types of shirts and popovers.

The different categories that they offer are:


  • Stockholm is the entry-level collection and is characterized by a classic Scandinavian style in terms of color and shape.
  • Amsterdam includes more exclusive quality and construction than the entry-level series. The collection offers the widest selection of fabrics and patterns both for shirts and suits.
  • Wien is suitable for a customer looking for more exclusiveness both in terms of design, make, fabrics and feel.
  • Prices: Suits 5490 – 7290SEK; Shirt 1290-1490SEK; Trousers 1990-2290SEK; Overcoats 6890-7290SEK*




  • Bologna offers unique seasonal fabrics, together with a light canvas make and unconstructed shoulders which is good for a more casual or sporty look and feel.
  • Bordeaux similar to Wien in terms of quality and is a collection that offers more unique seasonal fabrics.
  • Prices: Suits 7290-7890SEK; Shirt 1490-2190SEK; Trousers starting at 2290SEK; Overcoats starting at 7290SEK*



  • Genève is Blugiallo’s most exclusive business collection. The line offers full canvas suits with handmade details.
  • Blugiallo “The Blugiallo collection is our way of expressing ourselves playfully in terms of quality and style. The garments feature a make and style similar to everything we love about Italian tailoring. Pick your favorite amongst the Loro Piana Super 150’s bunch and let the fun begin.” (Source: Blugiallo)
  • Prices: Suits 10490-12490SEK*



  • The Spotlight series is Blugillo’s way of contributing to your big day or a special occasion. Here you can find inspiration for your wedding, next black tie dinner or similar.



  • Blugiallo has also started filling up their line of accessories. At the moment they offer a limited edition collection of pocket squares created together with a Swedish artist Sara Johanna Svensson and the brand R.Culturi. Accessories will be added and updated regularly. (read more at Casa Di Sartoria)

Blugiallo Blugiallo Blugiallo Blugiallo Blugiallo

Open Seas – This piece symbolizes the sensation of absolute freedom and unbound happiness that people come to experience on the west coast of Sweden. The lonely boat in the water and the cottage at the edge of the cliff represent an undying longing to be out in the open sea.

*Prices are the current prices when this article was written. For latest prices, other terms, conditions and details, please contact Blugiallo for more info.

During my meeting with Blugiallo, of course I made sure to order a suit. I wanted to have a nice business suit that wasn’t too formal. I’ve seen quite a few suits in so called “birdseye” fabric, which give the suit a subtle texture and makes it more versatile. With a soft construction and a classic cut I think we ended up with a really nice suit that I will be wearing for a long time.

The suit is made up on Blugiallos Wien collection and features a full canvas suit with a s130 wool birdseye fabric. It also features the 3 – roll – 2 buttoning and a slight lower button stance. The trousers have a high waist with side-adjusters flat front and 6cm cuffs at the bottom.

I’m very impressed how Daniel and Alexander had done their homework and “researched” my style. They managed to interpret my vision in this suit and I think the result turned out great for a first time order.

Apart from the suit we also made an royal Oxford Cotton Button Down (OCBD) shirt in a very nice fabric from Thomas Mason which also turned out very nicely. I think the generous/higher collar goes great with the wide lapels of the suit.

If you’re interested in more stories from Blugiallo customers, make sure to check out Blugiallo’s BG-Magazine

All photos below are taken by my beautiful wife Linda.

Full suit and shirt from Blugiallo, together with accessories from R. Culturi and my own designed lapel chain
Very satisfied with the sleeve length
Full suit and shirt from Blugiallo, together with accessories from R. Culturi and my own designed lapel chain
Suit and shirt from Blugiallo, together with accessories from R. Culturi and my own designed lapel chain
5 working buttons
Close up – high waist
Wien collection and of course personalized lining
Thomas Mason Royal Oxford Cotton
Notice the buttons? Really nice feature if you want to wear your cuffs un-buttoned
High collar with a nice roll
Side adjusters and subtle initials on the shirt
6cm cuffs to finish off

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