How to take care of your suits

How to take care of your suits: Investing in a quality suit is like investing in a pair of quality shoes; the purpose is to have a corner stone in your wardrobe that you can wear for a long time. But like quality shoes, a quality suit does not take care of itself. To give it a long lifetime it’s important to take good care of it. In this article I will cover some basic steps in how to take care of your suits and/or sport coat/jacket/blazer.

How to take care of your suits
Before I invested in some unified hangers – here you can see some hangers from different brands, something you normally get when buying a suit
  1. Hang your suits when not using them
    When you take of your jacket make sure to hang it on a quality hanger that gives the jacket support and fills out the shoulder part. Avoid thin hangers and seat backs as these will ruin the jacket if left to long. Normally you receive a wider hanger when buying your suit. If you don’t, or want to have a uniform and good looking closet you can find some different options on the market. Here are my engraved hangers in high gloss finish picked up from
  2. Store your suits in a dark and cool place
    When not using you suit, make sure to store it in a dark and cool space, and not in direct sunlight or humid places. Ideally the suits should hang with some space between one another, so the fabrics can breathe. Cedar is a great material to have in these spaces to keep away pests that may damage your clothes.
  3. Let your suits rest
    Just like quality shoes, also your suits and jackets need some rest between the uses. 24-48 hours is a good rule of thumb, especially for fabrics such as linen, flannel or tweed. This gives to garment time to regain it shape and straighten the wrinkles.
  4. Don’t dry clean your suits to often
    Dry cleaning is a very efficient way to get your suits nice and clean. However dry cleaning has effects on your suit that you often don’t see straight away. Wool can easily get dry from dry cleaning, and also if you have suits that are fused, there is a risk of the glue breaking down cause bubbling in those areas. (read more about suit constructions in the following post: Suit Construction: Differance Between Full Canvas, Half Canvas and Fused Suits). A couple of times per year is more than enough, given you don’t get a very visible stain that you need to remove quickly.
  5. Occasionally vent and brush your suits
    For everyday freshening of your suit just hang your suit on a hanger and let it vent outside on the balcony or outside the house for a few minutes. Another good way to freshen it up is to use a steamer or just hang it in the bathroom when taking a shower and let the steam straighten the wrinkles. Finally, invest in a clothing brush. This can be used to remove dust but also to lift the fibers in the suit which restores the luster. (The one I’m using is also from se and can be found here. The color goes great together with the hangers.) 
  6. Some other tips worth thinking about
    – Avoid using the suit pockets or at least putting heavy and sharp objects in them, such as keys or similar.
    – Use a garment bag when traveling to avoid your suit getting damaged
    – Buy an extra pair of trousers to your suit if you notice that you wear them out faster than the jacket
How to take care of your suits
After picture with unified hangers from Skolyx – looks quite nice if I may say it myself =)
How to take care of your suits
Personalized high gloss wooden hangers, something I call ‘affordable luxury’ for your wardrobe

Hope you have some use of these tips on how to take care of your suits. If you have any other good recommendations on how to take care of your suits or that you should think about (both do’s and don’ts), please leave a comment below!

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2 comments on “How to take care of your suits

  1. Great post! Could you give some insight on the correct width of the hanger? For example Skolyx and Hanger Project offer several widths on the hangers. Should it end inside the arms of the jacket? Exactly by the seem?

    It seems that most OTR jackets come with “one size fits all” hanger, which usually is too wide for sizes like 48 as it ends inside the arms of the jacket.

    • Hi William
      I would ask Skolyx or the Hanger Project for advice on sizing. I did that myself and I think the size I recieved turned out great for my jackets. I know thet have 2 oe 3 differet widths on their hangers. I think the best place for the hanger to end is at the seem as you’ve written. However there is always some marginals to have both slight wider hangers or slighly more narrow without affecting the jacket negatively.

      But once again, I would ask the retailer for advice to get the best possible fit.

      Thank for writing and don’t hesitate to comment if you have more questions.


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