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Not long ago I got the possibility to try some custom dress shirts from Deo Veritas. Deo Veritas that is an online based company, focuses in delivering made to measure, custom dress shirts with very fast delivery times – up to 2 weeks! For those who havn’t heard of Deo Veritas, here is some information about the company. (Deo Veritas website)

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Deo Veritas, that kindly offered me some custom dress shirts to try and give feedback on.

Deo Veritas is based out of Chicago Illinois in USA and run by the founder Vinnie Sikka since 2007. Vinne, like me has a background as a management consultant. What sets Deo Veritas apart from other online basked shirt makers that I’ve tried is the customization part – apart from having quite many pre-designed options, one can add personal notes with other special requests such as collar size, sleeve options such as spalla camicia and more.

FABRICS: First of all, naturally you choose fabric for your shirt.  Deo Veritas aims to offer materials that are timeless, unique and slightly ahead of the fashion curve. The company currently offers over 180 fabrics from known shirting mills such as Tessitura Monti and Thomas Mason as well as a number of performance blends that use sustainable materials such as Bamboo and Wool. (see full range of fabrics here)

Deo Veritas

DESIGN: After that you chose your design options- I would just want to mention a few you can choose:

  • Deo Veritas currently offers 14 different collars, and also the possibility to add your own specifics. Some that are wort mentioning and that I personally like are the “One Piece (California) collar and Italian Spread Collar. (See full collar guide here).
Deo Veritas
One pice collar
Deo Veritas
Italian Spread Collar
  • Choose between fused and sewn interlining. I would of course recommend choosing the sewn option! Non-fused collars are softer in feel. The interlining material is sewn into position between the two outer facings instead of glued.
  • All Deo Veritas come with a split yoke standard. The yoke is a fabric on the upper back of the dress shirt, supporting the strain of the shoulders and upper back. Most off the rack shirts use a single piece of fabric, called a one piece yoke. A split yoke (seen more on tailored shirts) consists of two fabric panels that are secured and sewn down the middle. It ensures a tailored fit across the slope of the shoulders.
Deo Veritas
Split Yoke

What I truly like is Deo Veritas solution where you visually build your shirt in real time from a gallery of fabrics and design choices. (See all design options here).

See your design in real time

SIZING: Deo Veritas offers 4 different sizing alternatives and offers a perfect fit guarantee.

  1. Standard off the rack sizing – store bought sizing and no measuring tape required
  2. Existing shirt sizing – measure an existing shirt, measuring tape required
  3. Q-sizing – algorithm based, answer 8 simple questions, no measuring tape required
  4. Body sizing – traditional body measurements, measuring tape required.

Deo Veritas

Like I mentioned in the beginning I’ve tried a couple of shirts from Deo Veritas, and I’m truly satisfied with the ones I have. The 2 weeks delivery time is among the fastest I’ve tried, so if you’re in a hurry to get your shirt, you know where to find it.

In this lookbook you can see glimpse of a white royal Oxford shirt with a custom collar that I made some time ago and here are some more photos of the shirts I have in action:

Deo Veritas
One pice collar and linen/cotton blend shirt | Photo: Pontus Jonsén
Kronaby Sekel
Royal Oxford high spread collar shirt | Photo: Dennis Bärlund
One pice collar and linen/cotton blend shirt | Linda Nordén

Shortly I will be shooting a new lookbook together with Deo Veritas with their soon to be released autumn fabrics. Make sure to stay tuned for that.

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