Suspenders vs belt – Your chance to win a pair of suspenders

Wearing suspenders (or braces in Great Britain) is not only a fashion statement; it comes with benefits that will make you pant-situation easier to control. If you’re interested in winning a pair of suspenders from John Henric, make sure to check out how to enter the competition at the end of this post! (This post is sponsored by John Henric).


A pair of 35mm solid coloured that work with most outfits

The benefits with wearing suspenders are many, they will ensure that your trousers remain in the same position during the course of the day unlike the belt, which requires some adjustment during the day. When pants shift up and down with a belt this requires a not so elegant motion of repositioning the pants. With suspenders, the weight of the trousers rest on the shoulder ensuring you the position of the pants.  The pressure point when wearing a belt is all around your torso while a pair of suspenders keeps the weight on your shoulder, making you day a lot more confortable. Suspenders are a simple, dandy way to add flare to your outfit. By choosing solid colour suspenders you get at toned down look, and by adding a pair suspenders with pattern or contrast colour you get a totally different look.

Suspenders come in many different styles, materials and widths. Choose a wider pair of suspenders if you want to add more character and give the suspenders more space in your outfit, or choose a narrow pair for a more sleek and elegant look to complement the outfit. For formal occasions, I would choose a solid coloured pair whilst for more casual occasions, you can be a bit more creative and show some personality by adding some more colours, texture or patterns.

Fastend with leather straps
25mm wide fastened with clips

Suspenders can also be fastened in different ways and come in different make ups; some with metal clips and some with leather straps. I prefer suspenders with leather straps, because it gives a more unified look with the trousers. A small tip – Next time you order a new pair of trousers or take your trousers to the tailor, ask the tailor to add suspender buttons on the inside of the waistband.

A few weeks ago, John Henric reached out to me asking me to share some thoughts on their suspenders. I gladly accepted the request and now I want to share some initial thoughts with you after using them a couple of times.

Worth mentioning is that John Henric produces all their suspenders in Sweden. When I first opened the box, I noticed the packaging that I would say is in similar class as suspenders in double the price range. The leather appears to be of high quality and straps feel perfectly flexible. The previous suspenders I’ve tried from other makers have free moving leather ends, which John Henric suspenders do not. For now, I haven’t noticed any significant difference between the two options in terms of comfort, however I would like to see that option as well in the future. The leather is quite stiff at first but softens up quite quickly and makes it easier to fasten and also more flexible. Overall very nice suspenders for 29-40 €.

John Henric suspenders what were subject for this short review

I would like to share my experience with John Henric suspenders to one of my readers and will offer you a chance to win a pair. All you have to do is find your favourite pair on the John Henric website and write a comment below in this post, with the name of your favourite and an e-mail adress where we can reach you (the comments will not be published, so your e-mail stays safe with us)! 

One randomly selected lucky reader will receive a pair of John Henric suspenders of their choice! The competition ends at Sunday 20.00 and the winner will be contacted shortly after …. Good luck!!

I hope you enjoyed the read. Also make sure to read my previous post Braces or Suspenders? What to call them, why to use them, how to wear them

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