Malmö Menswear Trunkshow 2017 – Wrap Up

This years edition of Malmö Menswear Trunkshow has come to an end and I would like to take the time to thank all 300+ visitors who came and participated. I would also like to thank all our exhibitors for making this trunkshow possible; Berg & Berg, Blugiallo, Shirtonomy, Skolyx and our main partner Arsante of Sweden. Last but not least, thanks to my co-host Andreas Klow and of course Dennis Bärlund for the amazing photos that you can see below than give a great view of the atmosphere during Malmö Menswear Trunkshow.

The visitors had the chance to see e.g.

  • Arsante’s full collection of bags, including their latest duffle bag that could be previewed;
  • Berg & Berg’s autumn collection including their new range of tailoring;
  • Blugiallo had full house during and event and the visitors ordered custom made suits, coats and trousers;
  • Shirtonomy, also with a full schedule managed to have over 20+ visitors measured during the event; and finally
  • Skolyx showed their full range of shoes including some MTOs and loafers.

All in all a very successful Malmö Menswear Trunkshow that was hosted at Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance Malmö, in a venue perfect for the occasion. We are already thinking about 2018 and planning the next edition of Malmö Menswear Trunkshow. Who would you like to see at Malmö Menswear Trunkshow 2018, both Swedish and international brands? Please leave a comment below or send me and e-mail at if you are interested in participating as an exhibitor.

Malmö Menswear Trunkshow Malmö Menswear Trunkshow Malmö Menswear Trunkshow

And some really great portraits of some well dressed visitors and exibithors:

Michal – mrgrono
Mikolaj – Blueloafers
Erik Mannby – Editor in Chief at Plaza Uomo
Christoffer – DreamingofMonday
Andreas aka Mr.Svante – Berg & Berg
mr BitarAlexander himself
The gentlemen from Blugiallo – Daniel to the left and Alexander to the right who spent his birthday with us at Malmö Menswear Trunkshow –
Tobias from Shirtonomy in his Bergamo Raw Denim shirt
Emil – Mr. Skolyx
Olle Berggren, freelance journalist
Well-dressed Lukas from Copenhagen

I hope you enjoyed the read, pictures and most of all Malmö Menswear Trunkshow 2017 for those who had the chance to come. I’m already looking forward to Malmö Menswear Trunkshow 2017. Which exhibitors would you like to see? Leave your comment below or send me and e-mail at if you are interested in participating as an exhibitor.

For more info regarding the trunkshow, please visit the previous post: Malmö Menswear Trunkshow 2017 – 4 november @Clarion Collection Temperance

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