Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Fitting 2

During Pitti Uomo in January, I took the opportunity and had my measurements taken by Maciej Zaremba, owner of Zaremba Bespoke for a Zaremba bespoke polo coat. The first fitting of my bespoke polo coat was earlier this spring at Royal Hotel in Gothenburg. I recently did my second fitting when Maciej visited Gothenburg (unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit Gothenburg last time he was there) hence the long time between the two fittings. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it here: Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Fitting 1

This post will cover two areas; first of all what has happened to the coat after the first fitting, and secondly the alterations that Maciej and I agreed on to the final fitting that I will have in Warszawa this weekend.

Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat
Measuring tape and needles – tailors most important tools during fittings
Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat
Swatches for new orders

During the first fitting, the main purpose is for the tailor to work on the basic aspects of the garment such as body posture, angles, proportions, length etc. During that fitting the Zaremba bespoke polo coat basically consisted of the fabric and canvas. See the picture from the first fitting below.

Zaremba Bespoke
Picture from first fitting | Photo: Milad Abedi

Since then the following has been made:

  • Lapels are made
  • Pockets are added
  • Lining is added
  • Sleeves (without lining) are based
  • Longer (alteration since first fitting)

Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat

Most seems are still based and easily removable and there is still plenty fabric left on the inside if alterations are need. During this fitting you can get a much better idea of the end result than during the first fitting. Different tailors have different processes and don’t always have the same parts finished during the different phases.

Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat

After discussion with Maciej during this fitting we agreed on some adjustments for the next fitting. Some of the alterations are purely made by the tailor to fit your body posture, remove excess fabric and improve drape, whilst others are more personal preferences and we discussed together to find the best solution.

Alterations that will be made for the next fitting include:

  • Extend the shoulders, also rotate one shoulder slightly
  • Shorten the front part slightly on one side
  • Make the sleeves slightly longer
  • Move down the belt in the back
  • Remove some excess fabric on one side at the back
  • Make wider at the bottom
  • Lower the pockets
Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat
I really like the length now that ends just below the knees; one of the changes that we made after the first fitting.

Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat Zaremba Bespoke Polo CoatThe Zaremba bespoke polo coat will be more or less finished for my next and final fitting. If any changes are needed after that, there is still room for alterations. Make sure to stay tuned for the last and final part where I will review the final result and also share my thoughts on my first bespoke commission.

Zaremba Bespoke Polo Coat
Maciej satisfied with today’s fittings in Gothenburg

If you are interested in ordering from Zaremba and live in South Sweden, Copenhagen / Öresund, write a comment blow or send an email to and we’ll see if we can arrange a trunkshow in the region.

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