Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ Tie Collection

We can officially announce the Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ limited collection of handmade ties from Malmö Sweden. The tie collection is available on Dreaming of Monday’s official website here. We really hope you like it. I’m really glad to have had this opportunity to develop these ties with a local company that is very passionate about their work and really has an inspiring vision and products to complement it.

The collection is a pre-order, which means the ties will be produced when the pre-order campaign runs out at 10th December 12.00 pm (GMT+ 1). The estimated production time is 2 weeks. Use code: ‘PREORDER15‘ on checkout to receive 15% off during the pre-order period. 

All ties have the main characteristics of a Dreaming of Monday tie:

  • Handmade
  • Multi-fold and truly unlined (6-fold)
  • Hand-rolled edged
  • Premium materials
  • Exclusive features

All photos by Dennis Bärlund

Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ

The main difference and characteristics of this particular set of ties from Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ is the shape/pattern we have developed, which has a set of features that I particularly like in ties, and that normally is hard to find, at least for me. All ties are 154cm long and 8,5cm wide and have a straighter shape closest to the part where you make the tie-knot. All three ties have a 6-fold construction and are truly unlined; meaning no canvas is used in the ties. Instead the fabrics itself serves as the ‘interlining’.

Why have we made this design? The main problem for me (I’m 187cm tall) is that most ties are made to fit people that are shorter. That means that the part of the tie where you make the actual knot is normally the part that is supposed to be under the collar, hence giving the tie a very small and short knot. The longer tie and straighter shape that the Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ pattern has solves both these issues that I normally have with my ties.

You may think that 154cm is a bit to long for your length and taste? No problem, as all ties are hand-made to order, you will be able to order the Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ collection in standard 150cm length as well.

Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ

Fabrics & colours
For this collection of Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ ties, we have chosen three different fabrics with three different characteristics to make a broad and versatile collection.

  • Navy Pinstripe – 100% wool – 270g – Dudgale Bros & Co England
  • Grey Herringbone – 95% wool 5% cashmere – 270 g – Dudgale Bros & Co England
  • Burgundy micro structure – 80% wool 20% silk – 250g – Margotto Italy

All fabrics are from well known mills and have superior quality, drape and feel. We wanted to achieve a set of ties that can work both in business occasions and other formal events and work with most suit colours.

Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ

Who is Dreaming of Monday?
Most of you have probably seen and read about Dreaming of Monday here on my website or on my Instagram. Dreaming of Monday makes premium accessories handmade in Sweden. They specialize in handcrafted ties, cravattes and pocket squares, which are made with their special style of design, called everyday elegance. The style is characterised by striping the accessory of unnecessary additives, such as the interlining, and adding handmade elements, like hand rolled edges, giving the final product a lighter feel and a superior drape.

In their small atelier they design and produce all accessories, which are handmade with the utmost attention to details and with the highest level of craftsmanship. Each accessory is individually chalked and cut by hand, using only premium scissors and drawing tools. After the tie is cut the blade and the tail is joined using a sewing machine. Apart from this step every other element of the tie is made by hand. That includes the bar tag, which keep the ends of the tie secure, the slip stich, which keep the tie together, and the hand-rolling of the edges. All pocket squares are exclusively sewn by hand.  

All ties are untipped together with being truly unlined, which means no interlining is used in the ends of the tie nor in the tie itself. This allows for a better and more elegant drape of the tie. Since all ties have no lining, it means the tie is made out of one type of fabric, which is folded several times to gain the right weight. The number of folds varies depending on the weight of the fabric, the lighter the fabric, the more folds are used and the opposite applies to heavier fabric. The ties are made using a 6-fold, 8-fold or 10-fold construction.  

Hand-rolled edges
All accessories are finished with hand-rolled edges using the best silk thread available. To Dreaming of Monday hand-rolled edges is a true expression of craftsmanship and therefore they put extra effort into making it impeccable. That’s how they want it to be, but they also believe it’s necessary in order to meet the expectations of a premium product.  

Premium Materials
From the fabric the accessory is made of, down to the thread used for sewing it together they use the best materials available. By only using premium materials such as wool, silk and linen bought exclusively from the most renowned manufactures in Europe they ensure an end product of high quality. 

Exclusive Details 
To uphold the feeling of a premium product, they apply several exclusive details to their accessories. First of all, when the tie is sewn together they use a special innovative slip stich, which allows for a cleaner backside. Also, the slip stich is sewn using one single piece of thread, a premium statement for a premium product. Secondly, they’ve intentionally placed the bar tag further up on the back of the tie, in order to expose more of the beautiful folding, which continues throughout the tie.  

As always, I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you have any questions please do contact with me through mail, FacebookInstagramtumblr or in the comment field below. Also make sure to check out the Dreaming of Monday x AleksJJ collection on Dreaming of Monday’s official website here.

Best regards

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