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Manér is the result of an Idea, which grew thru friendship among 3 good friends and a common interest in fashion and people. Manér’s goal is to design and market innovative fashion products and produce locally. Effortless style, authenticity and easy-going living are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level. Beginning from the use of natural materials and fallowing the process with a responsible local production. Manérs aspiration is to make you feel good, look good and give a little back just by doing that.


The main thing that Manér devote themselves to is jeans, jeans for the tidy perfectionist, jeans for the crafts man, jeans for the ordinary man. They offer both jeans from their locally produced RTW line but also custom-made jeans tailored according to your wishes and needs. Apart from jeans, Manér also produces denim- and other leather products in-house in their store at Södra Förstadsgatan 2 in Malmö in addition to a wide selection of products from well selected brands.



Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Manér, that kindly offered me to try a pair of their custom made / bespoke jeans for the sake of this post. 

As any other garment or clothing, it can be very hard to find a pair of jeans that fit good, look good and have the characteristics and proportions that you prefer. For me it always to low cut, too tight in the thighs, too wide in the waist, too much holes… yeah you get the point.

I was looking for a pair of high raise jeans, that have a more dressed look, that work with a slightly longer sport coat or on their own with a shirt, knitwear or just a t-shirt. That was the reason for my visit to Manér, to try their bespoke / custom made jeans service.


Step 1: The process of ordering a pair of bespoke jeans is like any other custom-made order, you start with your research, what king of jeans would you like, fit, details and of course the fabric. All this is later discussed with the person making the jeans for you. In this case Adrian, one of the owners was the one taking the order and also making the jeans afterwards.

Step 2: After a couple of weeks, I was back in the store at Manér, where Adrian had made up a pair of trail-jeans, for me to try. They are made according to the templates developed but without pockets etc, and made up in. During this stage Adrian drew up the placement of the back pockets, front pockets, and also did some minor alterations that would be made to the real pair. After this stage, there are 2 options, if your satisfied with the make, or only minor adjustments are needed, the jeans are made according to these patterns. If larger alterations are needed, a second pair / altered pair of trail-jeans are made.

Step 3: The final pair of jeans and final fitting if performed. In my case I wanted to have cuffs on my jeans. Because there is a slight shrinkage of the fabric, we decided to pre-wash the jeans before adjusting the final length and doing any further alterations.

In my case after wearing the jeans for some time, I decided to do some slight alterations after consulting with Adrian. The reason was that we made the jeans quite wide and I got a “work-wear” feeling which was not the initial intention. I was opting for a high-raise pair of jeans that have a more “dressed” feeling, which I think we managed to achieve after tapering the jeans from the knee and downwards a bit.

Manér’s bespoke service starts at 4000SEK and takes a couple of weeks to make, depending on the availability for fittings etc.



  • High raise
  • Slanted pockets
  • Cuffs
  • Selvedge denim 14oz

Manér Manér


I’m really happy with the result of this pair of jeans. I haven’t tried a pair of jeans like this before, so it’s not easy to know exactly what you want and how you want it. But I enjoyed the process of creating this pair together with Adrian and I’m already looking forward to make a new pair and get some other detail in there (like pleats).

What I like and appreciate the most is the fact that these jeans are made locally here in Malmö, and the pros of being able to do the fittings, have the consultations and also receiving the finished products with such ease.

I can truly recommend Manér for those who have a hard time finding jeans that they like, that don’t fit or you just want to make something unique.


I hope you enjoyed the read. For more reviews please visit my review page on the website.

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