Kronaby SekelMy name is Aleks, a Malmö-based guy in his early thirties. AleksJJ.com is your guide to affordable menswear, shoes and business attire, from a management consultant’s point of view.

AleksJJ was started on Instagram some while ago for me to keep track of my daily suit and tie combinations. The reason? I didn’t want to wear the same combinations twice. My Instagram has evolved, now including shoes and other menswear attire as well, and the photos have gone from low resolution selfies, to a mix of iPhone, Canon, and professional photos.

Until now everything has been about pictures and hashtags on Instagram, but recently I decided to start this blog to serve as my own learning-platform. To learn more in depth about shoes, menswear, accessories but in particular business wear.

I live my life by the motto: “Everyday is suit and tie day”.

If you have any questions, inquires or want to work/collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact: aleks.j@live.se | Instagram: @AleksJJ | Facebook: AleksJJ