My 5 personal travel essentials

Being a management consultant and basketball referee has 1 main thing in common: Traveling! Having performed over 200 flights and roughly counted as many hotel nights during the last 24 months, traveling has become a huge part of my life. Adding vacation to that, yeah you can do the math.

Business- and basketball trips usually last only a couple of days, which makes packing smart and light very important. Having to check in your luggage and later waiting for it is time consuming. Also the risk of your luggage ending up somewhere else, and you standing there without clean shirts, or even worse, your referee shirt, would be devastating.

I’ve found some favorite personal travel essentials that have made my packing so much easier, protect my clothes, and also look really good, which I would like to share with you.  During my uncountable late night packing’s these 5 products have been life savers.

1 – Light weight carry on suitcase from Samsonite:
A light weight carry on suitcase, is key for your packing. I prefer a suitcase with 2 wheels rather than 4, as the later one usually tend to be much smaller due to the size restrictions. This suitcase from Samsonite weighs less than 2 kg and is very slim, optimizing the volume inside. It would be very interesting to know how many rounds this suitcase has made around the globe. (link)
Price: 1699SEK


2 – Travel Shoe Trees from Skolyx:
Shoes tend to be worn a bit harder during travel, why keeping their shape with a light pair of shoe trees is important. There are some different models on the market but these plastic shoe trees from Skolyx are very affordable and also very light weight. Why not add an extra pair of shoes in the luggage while you’re at it? Just insert these and your good to go. (link)
Price: 249SEK


3 – Travel Shoe Care Valet from Vass Shoes
I find it very important to have your shoes well polished. Normally the shoe care products remain at home making it hard to buff up your shoes or repair the scuffs and scratches that your shoes may get when running round the airport or sitting on the airplane/train. I’ve been looking for a nice Shoe Care case, and I found the perfect one from Vass Shoes in Budapest. It doesn’t only look amazing (with that gold museum calf), the size is perfect, and it comes filled with brushes, cloths, Saphir Pate de Lux, shoe horn and other great things to take care of your shoes. AN important note, is that I’ve never had problems bringing Saphir Wax with me through airport security. (link)
Price: 90€ (latest price info)

20151223_162156000_iOS 20151223_162344000_iOS

4 – Tie Case from John Henric:
Something that I have been looking for a loooong time and finally found is this tie case from John Henric. You don’t want your ties to tumble around and get wrinkled in your suitcase. The tie case easily fits 2 ties and 1-2 pocket squares if you wish. Perfect size for a couple of days, 2 ties in the case and 1 on you, and you’re good to go. (link)
Price: 899 SEK

20151206_171728000_iOS (1)20151206_171656000_iOS (1)

5 – Toilet Bag John Henric
A nice leather toilet bag is my final travel essential. This was one of the first made by John Henric and the ones after are even better. Perfect size to fit the most important products, looks good and the leather feels nice given the price. (link)
Price: 899 SEK


If you have more tips on practical, affordable and good looking travel essentials feel free to leave a comment below.

Yours truly

4 comments on “My 5 personal travel essentials

  1. I love your thought and they are spot on!

  2. Skoaktiebolagets rese shoetrees är helt fantastiska också, och är i trä vilket alltid är en fördel, annars kan jag inte mer än hålla med om alla tips!

    • Håller helt och hållet med. Har bara sett de på bild men de ser väldigt trevliga ut! Får bli en senare investering 🙂

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