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During the last couple of years, my collection of ties has grown rapidly. The pros with this is that you have a lot to choose from, and that’s great. But the down side is that your favorite ties don’t get the use they deserve. The main reason for that is that is hard to get an overview of all the ties. Usually they just tend to lay in a drawer one on top of the other, or hang on several hangers somewhere in the closet.

I’ve tried to find a good solution for how to get a better overview of my ties, looked both on- and offline in several stores and couldn’t find anything worth spending money on. So I decided to ask my friend’s father if he could build one for me. He worked/works as a carpenter and I’ve seen his work before, and really like it. I sent him the measurements and he made the magic happen! =)

I’ve read in several forums whether you should roll your ties or leave them hanging and everyone has their own philosophy. My most important feature is that I have order in my drawer and that I can see all my ties easily. In this case the “rolled-tie” approach solved that requirement very well =)

Tie Storage

Tie Storage

These were the 3 pictures I sent to my froends father, explaining how I visualized the end result of my tie drawer:

Tie storage 4
Proposed measurements
Tie storage 3
Store example – Ties
Tie storage 2
Store example – Pocket Squares

How do you store your ties? Please leave a comment here below =)

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