How to choose your next pair of glasses – A visit to Brillor Å Sånt in Malmö Part II

Not long ago I told you about my visit at Brillor Å Sånt to get a pair of new glasses and also to talk about what to think about when choosing a pair of glasses (read the first part here). My pair has finally arrived and I wanted to guide you through the process that I went through; also show you which pair I ended up with and also do a short evaluation of how I followed my own tips from the first article =)

Part 1 – Choose your frames
As you may expect the first part of the process is of course choosing a pair of frames. I had decided from before to get a pair of Moscot so we narrowed down the search quite a lot with that limitation. Kristina helped me through the process and we tried several pairs in different sizes, shapes and colors. She was very helpful and also VERY honest on what fitted well and what did NOT fit so fell which i appreciated very much. Oscar was also there to give us his thoughts =)

Finally we ended up with a pair of Frankie with a black frame in their larges size. A pair that I’ve looked at before and also turned out to fit the best (in my opinion and also Kristinas.)

Brillor Å Sånt Brillor Å Sånt Brillor Å Sånt 20160516-IMG_5224

Not easy to choose a pair when there are so many great looking glasses.
Photos by Linda Norden

Part 2 – The eye examination
The examination to get the right strength for my glasses was an experience itself! I’ve done plenty of those before but the equipment they use at Brillor Å Sånt is amazing! They combine old school with new school technology. Just look at some of the equipment in the pictures below.

We started with a quick scan to get the baseline to start the examination from and then used the tools you see in the first picture below to calibrate and get the perfect values. I turned out that my sight had changed slightly on my left eye since my last pair of glasses but nothing dramatical. Really enjoyed the experience and I got to try my new “strengths” by using a special frame where you could put in different lenses to get the desired values. Maybe I should have chosen these frames instead?! =)

Brillor Å Sånt Brillor Å Sånt Brillor Å Sånt

New school and old school technology

Part 3 – The Pick Up and Test
Only three days later I got a phone call from Oscar that told me that my glasses where ready. Really fast I must say! The Moscot glasses come in a really nice package and are packed together with some cleaning tools and instructions from Brillor Å Sånt. Also your personal “recipe” to use for your next order och maybe when ordering contact lenses.

At first when I tried the glasses, the vision was very sharp and you could almost feel slight dizziness. This has to do with the change of strength in the left eye and it takes some time for the eyes and brain to adapt. After wearing them for half a day or so I started seeing better and now after wearing them for a couple of days my vision is almost perfect. Really satisfied!

20160519-IMG_5286 20160519-IMG_5285 20160519-IMG_5280 20160519-IMG_5278

The Moscot glasses come in a really nice package!

Part 4 – The evaluation
So, did I follow my own advice from my last article? I think I did in almost all aspects. Let me summarize:

1. The fit is essential
The fit I must say is really nice, the glasses are not to high nor to low. No nose pads where needed as this pair landed nicely on the nose. Also the length is good and the glasses don’t slide off. Kristina did some minor adjustments to this to get the perfect “snug” around the ears. Check!

2. Match your personal style
I had a pair of black, more square glasses. This time I still kept the same color but this time chose a more rounded shape. I think this model goes well with my dark hair, my skin color and together with my suits and personal style. Maybe didn’t go way out of my comfort zone on this one but still wen’t on historical experience a chose glasses that I’m comfortable with but slightly different from my last pair. Check!

3. Choose good materials
Moscot, high quality acetat, glass with high refraction index, Anti-Reflective Coating, hard coating – Check!

4. Have more than 1 pair
Now I do, both pairs are black but still slightly different. I’m also waiting for a pair of clip-ons for my Frankies. Moscot has recently changed the old ones and the new ones are still in production and should be available some time this summer. And together with my new pair of Lemtosh, I would say I’m good to go! Check!

Brillor Å Sånt
My new Moscot – Frankie

My new Moscot – Frankie

Brillor Å Sånt

A big thanks to Kristina and the Brillor Å Sånt team for the great experience and also for a fantastic pair of glasses! Already look forward to the next pair!

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