Review: Heschung Ginkgo Boots

Review Heschung Ginkgo Boots: Not long ago I received my pair of Heschung Ginkgo boots. The weather has been really nice in south Sweden until recently so my boots came out from the closet just a couple of weeks ago. Now that I’ve had some time to use them I would like to write some words on my impression about my Heschung Ginkgo so far.

In a recent article you could read about the brand Heschung and their expansion in Scandinavia. Here you can also find the retailers in Scandinavia that currently offer Heschung shoes. You can fin that post here: Heschung, the shoes à la française, now in Scandinavia.

As i wrote in that article, the “Ginkgo” really caught my attention. Heschung Ginkgo is one of their signature model and a permanent feature of the collections produced every season in a selection of different leathers. I decided to order a pair of Cognac in Heschung’s signature Suportflo leather. Model that I’m writing about is:

  • Heschung Ginkgo
  • Bi-material Suportlo Cognac leather and suede
  • Reverse-welted
  • Odéon last shape
  • Price: 520,00 € / 4.495 SEK (the shoes are a review pair from Heschung)


Heschung Ginkgo
Fresh out the box
Heschung Ginkgo
Inside profile
Heschung Ginkgo
Odéon last shape
Heschung Ginkgo
Close up of the Reverse welt
Heschung Ginkgo
Heschung Ginkgo
Bi-material Suportlo Cognac leather and suede
Heschung Ginkgo
Robust rubber sole
Heschung Shoe Trees
Heschung Shoe Trees

Heschung Ginkgo is a split toe boot with revers welted stitches and double material combo. It comes in two different combinations; Anilcalf leather with Kvadrat canvas and also in a bi-material Suportflo leather and suede version. You can find several different color combinations in both types. Some models are from their RTW collections, but some stores also have special MTOs. One make-up that I like in particular is an Anicalf/canvas version that is a store MTO you can find at Engelska Herr. It’s made up of tan anicalf and a light cotton canvas.

Heschung Ginkgo
Store MTO at Engelska Herr / Baltzar – click on picture to see more at

The Suportflo leather is a double tanned leather usually used for military purposes. Thanks to its fatty leather, the Suportflo leather is water resistant and easy to maintain. The Suportflo version is a bit rougher than a Ginkgo in Anilcalf but a great autumn/winter companion.

At first I was a bit skeptic about the Heschung Ginkgo. I normally wear more “classic” or subtle shoes but I must admit this model has grown on me. It’s easily one of my go to boots at the moment. I usually pair them with a pair of flannel as you can see in the top picture, but they work as good with jeans or other trousers. I probably wouldn’t wear them with a business suit or to a board meeting, but definitely with a more casual / business casual attire or heavier flannel suit or similar.

The shoe was un-normally comfortable straight out from the box!! For me it didn’t take many hours to break them in and I have now problem wearing them a whole day. Even though the the Suportflo leather is double tanned, it’s still very soft. It also creases very little. The suede at the top makes the boot softer around the ankle which makes it more comfortable to walk in.

When it comes to sizing, Heschung recommends that you use your normal size. I have quite long narrow feet, so I sized down half a size and this works great for me. They are a bit roomier than a normal last I would say, but boots are usually a bit more forgiving when it comes to that. You want the option to wear some thicker socks during the colder season.

The price for a pair is around 520,00 € / 4.495 SEK which I would say is a fair prices for this kind of boot given my experience so far. These boots will definitely be a great companion during this season and seasons to come. 

Heschung Ginkgo
Paired with jeans / everyday trousers during a skeet shooting event with Shirtonomy – See more picture from the even by clicking on the picture | Photo: Dellert Photography
Heschung Ginkgo
Paired with a pair of heavy flannel from Pelote | Photo: Linda Nordén

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6 comments on “Review: Heschung Ginkgo Boots

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I find the story of this shoe-maker interesting and would like to support them. The shoes are very utilitarian, discreet, not fussy; that’s what I like most about them.

  2. I have a number of pairs of Heschung shoes as does my partner. I’m enjoying in particular the way my boots seem to improve with age. I bought them in 2010 in Paris and have only recently sent them back to Heschung for resoling. I look forward to another 7 years from them at least 🙂

    • My still aren’t close to 7 years but I really enjoy using them =)
      That’s the good thing with quality shoes, they only get better with use and age!

  3. Hi Aleks, how about an update on your ongoing usage of your ginkgo boots. I own several pairs of Heschung shoes and have long had my eye on these boots. I also own Trickers Sow and Malton, would you care to make a comparison? Cheers John

    • Hi John and thanks for writing!
      The Ginkgos have been in winter storage since the latest post, and probably won’t be out for a couple of weeks (I hope)
      Unfortunately I don’t have any experience from Trickers so a comparison wouldn’t be fair.

      I think if you like to look of the Ginkgo then you should go for it =)

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